In the alternative history of 1950's, where AI and nanotechnology has taken dominance in modern culture, general population is ignorant to the world behind the curtains that treats them as cattle. In order to take control over the situation, the goverment recruits talented young adults with their own ideas of justice to combat numerous criminal groups.

Main cast

Team Providence
"D-Bug" Alexander Maxim Primston: An ambitious young politician and a prodigy, he uses his grand intellect, connections, and resources to secure his place both in goverment office and in criminal underworld. Despite his heroic public persona, he is a truely amoral and powerful individual, he will use any method available to turn the country into a land of his order."Arcad" Nickolas Garon: A famous internet persona, a gamer, a hacker, a fighter. Has a talent to learn any moves or skill he sees, whenever it's in combat or on TV. His life policy is that fun is the right of every human."Punchline" David Taylor: The son of the previous crime lord, he has a firsthand experience in survival. Uses his muscle strength and adaptive combat style, he protects those who can't defend themselves. After learning of Alex's involement in the ruin of his family, he swore vengence to both the goverment and the organization that took his father's fortune."Priest of edge" Robin Krats: Quite and religious man. Carries quite an amount of knifes, surgical and sculpting tools. Especially fond of his custom-made "prolonged kitchen knife". Despite being a serial killer, he only targets those make the world ugly. Very respectful of life and turns the corpses into works of art so they won't lose their value."Alice" Sophie Murray-Bellgarde: The second royal princess, he takes refuge at group's hideout out of concerns for her life. Her arranged marriage with Alex turned into one-sided love, as she would protect him despite knowing of his manipulitive nature."Cowboy" Steven Dutts: Once a regular police officer, he accidentally discovers the true picture of the country he protects. In order to ensure safety of citizens and to find the truth behind the death of his daughter, he agrees to investigate cases related to black market.

Albion Republic
Prime Minister, Maxwell Gill: Once popular for his healthcare program and anti-war statements, he finds himself out of touch during current crisis. Out of old age and critizism of his pacifistic policy, he has declared soon retirement.Vice-Minister, Tomas Morgan: Despite being an assistant, his iron fist reforms and economic improvements found support in citizens and the parlament, making him the de-fact true leader of the country. The one politician that never sits around, he promises to eradicatecriminal activity as his election campaign.Minister of Education, Evageline Primston: Previously an alchemist and a monster hunter, her knowledge in archeology, history and culture has turned yo be too important to leave unsupervised. A caring person, she sees everyone as her children.

>> International Intel
Grand Alchemist FaustKain Lebas: A megalomaniac war veteran, he came to Albion to investigate terrorist activity. Has no interest in others and mocks the British for repeatedly being attacked. While visibly accepted Albion's request out of lust for challenge, he has searched the world for the mysterious individual that has destroyed several countries from inside.Liza Lebas: A by-the-book agent, a strict and responsible, she assists the Albion goverment while believing that they're not playing fair either.

>> Team Paradox
Eternal King Abel

>> Silent House Network

>> Noble Union

>> Underlord Allied Syndicate
Red Light DistrictMafia

>> Empire
General Governor horsemen

>> Ouroboros Foundation
Avatar NillWorld Parasyte

>> Nefilim Kingdom

>> Genesis 1
slave planet
>> Genesis 2
>> Genesis 3
>> Genesis 4
>> Genesis 5
>> Exodus 1
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>> Apathy 1
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>> Bane 1
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>> Entropy 1
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>> Corruption 1
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>> Decay 1
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